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OBJECTIVES: Catch a puppy moving through space using motion technology and a webcam. After catching the puppy, solve the addition or subtraction task.

DESCRIPTION and/or INSTRUCTIONS script: The activity is intended for everyone from the age of 8 and up. The activity covers cognitive and sensory levels.

After pressing the PLAY button, the player has two choices. One is addition, the other is subtraction with a single digit or a two-digit number with a transition. With both choices, the program offers 10 calculations. Each task, that is correctly calculated, brings two additional points, one point is deducted for each incorrectly calculated task. A puppy travels through space, the player must catch him with his own movement. If he catches it, he gets a new task to calculate. The player has 10 calculation tasks available. After all 10 attempts, the program writes out the whole number of points scored. After clicking on the MENU button, the game returns to the start menu.

APP / PROGRAM: Scratch