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OBJECTIVES: association of some situations created by the story of the hedgehog Tim Tim with concrete sensory stimulation actions, through the auditory, olfactory, and tactile senses.

DESCRIPTION AND/OR INSTRUCTIONS: Following “The Tale of the Tim Tim Hedgehog” and “accompanying” him on his journey, the students are put in the pose of smelling, feeling, and hearing elements of the environment. During the course of the story, the students receive classroom tasks, for which the teacher must prepare the following materials: flowers; little bottles with flavors; fruits; blanket/hat, jacket, scarf; towel, bowl of water, fan/dryer hair dryer/ hot-cold air heater.

The material is saved as a movie video type MP4, is accompanied by music and sounds, as a result, sound reinforcement is provided, and the possibility of adjusting the volume as needed.

The buttons Start/Pause/ Stop will be used during the material. For doing the exercises in the gym class, the Pause button will be pressed with the mouse, and to continue, the Start button. The teacher can read the directions and tasks from the material or can ask a student with literacy skills to do it.

Follow-up is also recommended of the material by the teacher beforehand the presentation, to prepare the materials (some can be replaced with others located further on hand).

APP / PROGRAM: Canva, Adobe Character Animator