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OBJECTIVES: Coordinating body movements by imitating the Snowman.

DESCRIPTION AND/OR INSTRUCTIONS: The material contains a set of simple physical exercises demonstrated and explained by the “Snowman” as a teacher. For fun or for children who can imitate a complex set of moves, The Snowman features a dance at the beginning and end to appropriate music. The movie is saved as MP4 video, so it can be opened with one of the programs: VLC, Windows Media Player. To benefit from the interactive features of this material, the Start/Pause/Stop buttons can be used whenever needed. Depending on where the students are in terms of their ability to imitate movements, the material can be viewed without pausing, or the mouse can be used to pause the film by pressing the Pause button to demonstrate/rehearse the movements or to answer questions/correct limb position during execution. To continue the material, use the Start button again. The teacher can read the directions and tasks from the material or ask a student with literacy skills to do it.